Six reasons to use Xyla AI social media autopilot

Emma George
6th April 2024
Harnessing the power of social media is essential for growing an ecommerce business
According to Shopify, social commerce sales are projected to exceed $1.2 trillion worldwide by 2025, presenting a golden opportunity for small businesses to engage customers on a massive scale.
For many ecommerce businesses, breaking into the social media landscape can be daunting due to a lack of skills, time, or budget.
Curious about how artificial intelligence (AI) can help overcome these barriers? Look no further than Xyla AI’s social media autopilot. Here are six reasons why Xyla AI can be your ultimate tool for social media growth.
Personalised content
Xyla AI’s wizard learns your ecommerce business, products, and brand personality. Using the power of AI, it creates tailored and engaging content, such as your best selling products, facts, memes, holiday celebrations and more, in 93 languages.
Save time
A recent study found 59% of marketers spent over 6 hours per week on social media tasks like content creation and posting. This sheds light on the typical time investment for ecommerce businesses. With Xyla AI, what used to take hours now takes mere minutes, freeing up more time for ecommerce businesses to focus on core operations and sales growth.
Cost effective
Social media management can be a hefty expense for small businesses, ranging from $500 to $5,000 monthly. But at Xyla AI, we offer two budget-friendly options: a free plan for five posts per month or a $20/month plan for 30 posts with premium design features. ​​Sign up for a year at $144 and save 40% on an annual subscription.
Build a brand identity
Creating a standout brand identity is a priority for small businesses striving to make their mark in a competitive landscape. With Xyla AI’s array of fully customisable templates, you can seamlessly create and maintain a consistent brand image across all social media channels. From eye-catching graphics to on-brand messaging, Xyla AI empowers you to showcase your unique identity.
Automate social media management
Planning and posting social media posts is a time sink for small businesses. Xyla AI allows you to schedule posts in advance and make adjustments as needed, eliminating the need for manual posting. It also allows you to schedule and autopost at optimal times based on time zones, which is crucial for engaging your audience.
Reach more customers
With diverse preferences across social media platforms, it's essential to meet your audience where they are. Xyla AI expands your reach by enabling seamless engagement across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest – ensuring you connect with customers wherever they spend their time online.

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